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The bearing device of the motor needs to be inspected

The bearing device of the motor needs to be inspected:


1. Oil leakage is not allowed because grease or oil may splash on the coil, which affects the electrical conductivity and damages the insulation.

2. Attention must be paid to the operation of the bearings, which shall be run uniformly. If abnormal noise is found, stop the machine and check it in time.

3. The grease or oil sample shall be taken out regularly for inspection. If the color is dark and contains water or impurities, the grease or oil shall be replaced when the bearing is dirty or hot. When changing grease or oil, the bearings or bearing shells and journals shall be cleaned and dried with gasoline.

4. The time for replacing lubricating grease of rolling bearing shall be carried out according to the provisions of oil filling sign on the machine base. The lubricating grease can be replaced without stopping. The grease is added from the oil cup with grease pressure injector, and the waste oil shall be removed by the oil drain pipe.

5. The inner and outer rings of rolling bearing shall be tightened under normal conditions and shall not be loose. If it is found that the outer ring of the bearing rotates in the bearing chamber or the inner ring of the bearing rotates on the rotating shaft, it shall be repaired immediately. The outer ring rotation is due to the loose bolts fastening the bearing cover. The inner ring rotation is due to the loose stop screw on labyrinth ring or oil dump plate, or the loose locking round nut. If serious damage is found, the bearing, rotating shaft, bearing, end cover and bearing sleeve must be replaced.

6. Check whether the sealing ring and gasket are worn, burnt, aged, deteriorated, etc. if any, they must be replaced to ensure the sealing of the whole bearing device is good. The surface of the felt gasket should be coated with grease or oil to avoid wear and burn.

7. When preparing to use a motor that is not used for a long time, the rolling bearing must be cleaned with gasoline and then injected with lubricating grease in the bearing chamber 0.5-0.7 cavity. If too much grease will not only cause oil leakage, but also the bearing will overheat during operation, causing grease decomposition. After the bearing is filled with grease, the rotor of the motor shall be easily pulled by hand.

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