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How to deal with the problem of broken shaft of reducer?

Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy. In the process of energy conversion, pulley or coupling is installed on the output shaft to transfer torque through belt or coupling to drive the equipment to work. In addition to the poor concentricity of the output end assembly of the reducer, if the output shaft is broken, the motor shaft will be broken on the load side, which may mainly occur at the front bearing support, the obvious knife mark, the joint of the rib plate and the main shaft, the shaft shoulder and the groove. According to the detection research and analysis, the following points can easily deal with the problem of broken shaft.


Type selection or material defects: the wrong type selection results in insufficient output of the machine. Some users mistakenly believe that as long as the rated output torque of the selected reducer meets the working requirements, in fact, it is not. First, the value obtained by multiplying the rated output torque of the motor with the reduction ratio is in principle less than the rated output torque of similar reduction provided by the product sample, The second is to consider the overload capacity of the driving motor and the large working torque required in practice. Theoretically, the user needs a large working torque. It must be less than 2 times of its rated output torque. If the instantaneous torque of the output shaft of the reducer exceeds 2 times of its rated output torque, and the acceleration and deceleration are too frequent, the shaft of the reducer will be broken. When the selected materials are high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel without effective heat treatment, the material properties are poor and the strength is not enough.

If there is a problem in the installation of the equipment, the motor shaft often has various grooves (such as over travel groove, unloading groove, etc.), step transition and shaft shoulder structures in the design and process. If the groove structure is unreasonable or uneven, the transition fillet is too small, and the shaft diameter changes greatly, the output shaft and its load of the reducer are stuck under the action of alternating stress, At this time, the overload capacity of the drive motor will continue to increase its output, and the stress distribution in these parts will be extremely uneven. Micro cracks gradually form and expand in the parts with high stress, leading to sudden brittle fracture. In particular, some applications must strictly abide by this rule, which is not only the protection of the machine, but also to avoid the output shaft of the reducer motor being twisted off.

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