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Kunshan Dongxiong electromechanical Co., Ltd

Strive for the ideal of high quality supplier in automation industry

Since its establishment, Dongxiong has carried out in-depth cooperation with Qingsheng testing instrument, Tiemuzhen environmental experimental equipment, Suzhou Taiqi technology, Tianjin Changrong, a leading enterprise in printing equipment industry, and Taicang Yurui, wosheng, Guangsheng, a leading enterprise in coating equipment industry. Over the years, the company has been adhering to the "integrity management" concept of combining high-quality products and customer needs, and developing with customers. In order to serve customers and market demands in a more comprehensive way and expand the product mix, Dongxiong has joined hands with "Dongli" brand, the ancestor of Taiwan's gear reducer, and "Dongling Technology Co., Ltd." the forerunner of domestic FA enterprises, to expand the product mix.


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