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Working principle of high temperature resistant long axis motor equipment

Working principle of high temperature resistant long axis motor equipment:

When the impeller of the extended shaft fan rotates, the gas between the impellers will be accelerated along the blade and radial direction due to the rotation movement. After the gas enters the outer gas ring, it will return to the base of the blade by using the pressure difference to form a strong air flow. In this way, the gas will move in the spiral direction in the gas ring again and again to achieve the purpose of pressurization. After the gas moves to the exhaust port, because the pressure is greater than the system pressure, the gas is discharged quickly. Using the high-pressure vortex principle to achieve the function of air suction and supply, the application range is very wide.


Food drying installation precautions:

1. Please confirm whether the appearance of the deceleration motor is damaged before use? Is there any oil leakage?

2. Please confirm the voltage of the deceleration motor first. When the voltage is unstable, a voltage regulator can be added.

3. Please confirm whether the specification of the purchased deceleration motor is consistent with the design specification?

4. Please confirm that the machine seat is fixed to avoid loosening during running transmission.

5. If you use sprocket, pulley, coupling... And other accessories, it is required to install them according to relevant regulations.

6. Lubricating grease has been put into the body of the decelerator motor, and it is not allowed to change the lubricating oil for 12000 hours.

7. When the deceleration motor is running, the rated current shall not exceed the current value indicated on the motor nameplate.

8. Please pay attention to the surrounding temperature, humidity, pH and other issues.

9. The environment is -10 ~ +40 ℃, humidity is below 90%, indoor altitude is below 1000 meters.

10. If not installed, maintained or operated in the correct way, serious damage to the deceleration motor may be caused.

11. During maintenance or disassembly, it is necessary to confirm that the external power supply is completely folded away from the deceleration motor.

12. The safety protection device shall be installed to ensure the safety of operation.

13. The motor needs ground wire, please refer to the relevant regulations of power distribution.

14. Please confirm that all the installed parts and transmission parts are fixed correctly before starting the deceleration motor.

15. If the deceleration motor is matched with the inverter in low speed transmission, independent auxiliary cooling fan shall be installed.

16. After the power failure of single-phase deceleration motor, the capacitor still has some charge. Please discharge or ground the terminal first.

17. When the motor is installed vertically, please inform the technical department of Kunshan Dongxiong mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.

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Address: no.668, Tongcheng South Road, Baicheng Town, Kunshan City